How to Teach the Power Clean PART 3

Creating a well-proportioned muscular body is a very difficult task, and it happens that some muscles do not grow at all. The lower legs are often lagging muscles, and athletes with hypertrophied upper and undeveloped lower legs can be found in every gym. Some athletes simply “score” on leg training, but there are those whose efforts to develop proportional calf muscles are even. This article will be especially interesting for such athletes. Let’s take a closer look at the sock press exercise and find out the most effective method of shin hypertrophy!

Advantages and disadvantages

Before talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the exercise, it is necessary to mention the muscles of the lower leg. These are not easy muscles. They are very difficult to develop, as they are the most trained in our body (not counting the jaw muscles) and it is sometimes extremely difficult to make them progress. By the way, I, the author of this article, am myself the athlete whose lower legs are genetically undeveloped and I had to try everything to create the right proportions. I didn’t use witchcraft, though! But, in the end, I managed to find a great complex for the progress of these muscles.

So, the lower legs start working as soon as we start walking, and these muscles work all day while we are standing on our feet. Therefore, a simple “four sets of twelve” for some athletes will simply be useless. We will talk about the training method later, but now, after all, let’s consider the advantages of the exercise.

Benefits of the exercise:

The first is, of course, the ability to perform the exercise anywhere, both in the fitness room, at home, and in the office, taking a few thick books as an elevation.
The second advantage of the sock press is a deep study of the muscles.
The third is the ability to focus the load on a particular muscle of the lower leg.
The fourth is the ability to accurately vary the working weight, as well as perform movements in a special simulator, using free weights, in the Smith simulator, and adapt other simulators to perform this exercise, for example, in the leg press simulator.

As for the disadvantages, then, as such, the exercise does not have them. It is worth focusing on the fact that it is most often used as an auxiliary. But this is a very controversial conclusion and should not be taken as dogma.
What muscles work

The main muscles that are involved in the work and are particularly interested in the athlete are the medial and lateral heads of the calf muscle, as well as the flounder muscle. Thanks to their development, athletes also increase the lower leg in volume. To create an emphasis on a specific part of the muscles, it is enough to turn the sock to the outside or inside. In addition to the target muscle, the anterior and short tibial muscles, as well as the extensors of the fingers, are involved in the work.
Technique in the simulator for the bench press with socks sitting

The simulator for the sock press, which can often be found, is a design with the ability to perform the sock press while sitting. The peculiarity of performing in this type of simulator is to adjust the design to your anthropometric data and without loading the spine. When performing, check how securely the foot is fixed on the running boards of the simulator. Working with a large weight, the grip on the surface becomes poor.

Technique of performing the platform press with socks

After taking a position in the simulator, you need to put your feet on the lower edge of the platform.
Then you need to remove the locking stops and squeeze the platform so that the legs are straightened at the knees.
After that, you should perform the required number of repetitions of the toe press and return the platform to its place, fixing the levers.

Toe press in the leg press simulator.
How to implement in training and how to properly train the lower leg

This exercise should be performed at the end of the workout or be the final exercise on the lower leg muscles. It is very important to stretch the lower leg muscles after doing the bench press.

Now let’s talk about the best and most effective shin training.

This process can be very complex and to create the desired volume, you will have to change more than one technique, but we will consider the one that gave me the result.

So, an excellent complex for the development of calf muscles is a complex of three exercises:

The first exercise is standing up on your toes in a special simulator or Smith’s simulator. In my subjective opinion, this is the best exercise for the lower leg. But as I often say, training is very individual and what is good for one person may seem useless to another. This exercise should be performed 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions each.
The second exercise in the complex is lifting on your toes in the simulator while sitting. In the simulator, you need to use the maximum weights. Perform the exercise with the maximum number of repetitions (20-25) in the range of 4-6 sets.
The last exercise in the complex will be lifting on your toes with a dumbbell on one leg. In this exercise, you should take a minimum weight that will allow you to perform 20-25 repetitions. It is enough to do 2-3 sets, then properly stretch the muscles of the lower leg.


This is a really working method for those who have a problem with the development of the calf muscles. It is enough to load the lower leg once a week, and the most important thing is not to neglect the training of this muscle group.

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