Training Templates & Programs

Jake nationals jerk

These training templates are designed to address, improve, and enhance specific qualities of the snatch and clean & jerk.  If you use one of our templates, don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you!

6 Week GPP Program:

General Physical Preparation.  GPP.  An essential part of the training plan that builds the foundation of strength and work capacity in order to enable the athlete to tolerate the training loads seen later in the cycle closer to competition.

Perfect to implement after a major competition or at the beginning of a major training cycle, this 6 week training program will improve your strength, work capacity, and general athleticism and set you up for success down the line on the platform!

12 Week Squat Program:

This is a 12 week squat cycle that takes a systematic approach to improving your leg and torso strength, which will in turn improve your snatch and clean & jerk.  You will be squatting 3x/week and each day includes 1-3 additional accessory exercises.

You can use this program on it’s own, or in conjunction with snatch and clean & jerk related exercises, however, we recommend that volume and intensity remain moderate and not too crazy.

6 Week Basics Progression Program:

The key for any beginner athlete when learning how to snatch or clean & jerk is to follow a systematic and proven system or progression.  If you’re a beginner looking to learn and progress, or simply want to hit the reset button on your lifts and relearn, the Basics Progression is for YOU!

This is a 2x/week 6 week program that breaks up each lift into smaller steps to aid in the learning process – it’s what we use in house with all of our new athletes and members!  Additionally, we layer strength work to give you the training stimulus you’re looking for.

8 Week Explosive Strength Program:

Being slow sucks, and speed is king.  This is an 8 week program that is specifically designed to help improve an athletes speed, velocity, and explosive strength, i.e. the POP, in the explosion of the snatch and clean, as well as the speed and timing of the transition into the receiving position.

This program will also help improve the positions of those athletes who have a tendency to get their shoulders behind the bar too soon, come up on their toes too early, and/or need to learn to use their legs more.

Lastly, to help improve speed and velocity more, we implement compensatory acceleration (CAT) when squatting, i.e. a slow and controlled descent, with a FAST and aggressive stand up.

4 Week Speed & Coordination Program:

This is a 4 week cycle that is designed t to improve your body positions and coordination when transitioning from below to above the knee.  In order to achieve this, we’ll be having you perform the snatch and clean from the hang below the knee each week.

Not only will this help improve your coordination in the transition from below to above the knee, it will also help to improve your eccentric strength, body positions, and body velocity(i.e. SPEED STRENGTH).

Lowering yourself into the below the knee position will help you feel the proper positions in the eccentric phase and will force you to properly use the legs to raise body (hips and shoulders) in a coordinated fashion.

This is a great program for those athletes who may raise their hips too soon or have troubles getting the knees out of the way once the bar is broken off the ground.

4 Week Leg Activation Program:

This is a 4 week program that is designed to improve an athlete’s ability to properly use their legs from the point of breaking the bar off the ground to the point of explosion.  In order to to achieve this, you’ll be perform the snatch, clean, pulls, and extensions from a deficit.

The deficit requires the hips to start in a lower position and puts more emphasis on the legs to move the bar.  Additionally, since the bar has to travel a great distance, it trains the athlete to push with their legs longer in order to move the bar.

This is a great program for those athletes who use their backs too much off the floor, and/or do not utilize their legs enough and initiate the explosion phase too soon.

The program culminates in a test/retest of a heavy single for the snatch and clean & jerk at the end of the 4 week training program.

Interested in something more long term?  Take a look at our in house and remote/online training options here.