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Crossfit at Home: an explosive workout for men

Crossfit is a functional, strength training, in which all exercises are performed at the fastest possible pace in a complex of several sets or on a circular basis. Crossfit gives an intense load on all muscle groups, as a result of which you can quickly get relief, pump your back, shoulders, chest, legs, as well as improve strength indicators, endurance, reaction, coordination and much more.

To train at home, you need to get a horizontal bar, as for men there is no better exercise for pumping the back than pull-ups.

The main thing in crossfit is to do exercises at a fast pace for a certain amount of time. For example, in half an hour you need to do the maximum number of circles of 4-5 exercises.

Choose from the list of exercises and create your own training program for a week without inventory.


Pull-ups with a jerk;
Lifting the legs from the prone or hanging position;
Squats with jumping out;
Explosive push-ups (with clap);
Jumping on the platform;
Jumping up;
Long Jump;
Jumping lunges;
Reverse push-ups.

The complex can be easily done at home, the main thing is to find a place for jumps and pull-ups.

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