Privacy Policy

This Website ( administrators have responsibility for safely keeping the private information entered by you while you were proceeding registration on some of our webpages and/or while you were engaged in the use of our content. It is worth mentioning that we are doing everything possible so that your data will be securely stored; we also do not send you information to other non-affiliated organizations except for the organizations mentioned on this webpage. The development of this document was based on the EU GDRP terms and conditions. There is a list of reasons why we may gather our User’s private information: to be able to improve our services, which could possibly help us to make the interface more convenient for you; to keep in touch with you if any problems related to our website occur; to better realize the consumption behavioral patterns of Users; to send letters via E-mail and to be ready to reply your questions, as well as for the activities listed below in this document.

1. Use and gathering of your information

The only information that we collect here is the information that you voluntarily agreed to share with us. Be aware that by staying on the website you automatically allow us to gather some of your private information, including your phone number, E-mail address, surname and first name and the date of birth. The way in which the data is gathered and processed complies with the current USA legislation. 

2. Data retention, changes, and deletion

It is possible for you to change, delete or withdraw information that you have once given to us by filling in the blank spaces during the registration process. You may also forbid us to use your data by sending us an e-mail at All the data is safely stored on the website for as long as it is required for maintenance. Once the need to keep your data no longer exists, the data will be removed automatically. Be aware that we may only send your data to non-affiliated organizations after receiving your consent; if the process of data transfer is completed, we no longer will be able to make changes to it.

3. Technical data use

Once you visit webpages of the website, its database automatically stores some of your device’s parameters, such as IP address, browser settings, operating system, and other technical details that we need to be able to correctly show our content. You should know that it is impossible for the company to identify your personality by the technical details of your devices.

4. Provision of information by children

In case you, being a parent or a guardian of children, realize that your children gave us their personal information with no permission, please immediately contact us. Without your consent, it is not allowed for children to share any personal information on this website.

5. Cookies

We implement the use of cookies to display our content correctly and to make your experience while using the web pages more convenient and pleasant. By cookies, we understand little files that your device sends to us and then receives from our database. These little files allow our systems to “remember” you as a User, for instance, after you leave the webpage, the website will remember the language you set as default and the webpage that you have just left. You can configure cookies use by yourself to decide what data you want to share with us.

6. Non-affiliated services

Some non-affiliated services are used by our company, for example, Google Analytics. These services might also gather Users’ personal information and implement the findings for solving such tasks as personalization of advertising network. We do not voluntarily provide these services with your private details; however, you should also pay attention to their Privacy Policies.

7. Other websites’ hyperlinks

We sometimes may post the links leading to outside websites not managed by us. Be aware of the fact that any content posted by those websites is not controlled and/or managed by us and we are not accountable for their published materials, services, and products.

8. About the Privacy Policy changes

We may update and make changes to this document at any moment. You will be notified about the new changes by the announcement on one of our web pages and we will post the new document on this webpage as well. We are monitoring fluctuations in the current EU and US legislation concerning the safety of personal data. If you have left your phone number while registering, we might also inform you about the changes by calling you. However, if you used not entirely correct and detailed data, it is unlikely possible that we will manage to inform you.

9. Feedback

In case any related to this document questions occur, you can send a letter to us: