1. Introduction

This Disclaimer contains the rules of the usage of the website located at https://www.deltaweightlifting.com (“Website”). By staying on the Website, you agree with the rules mentioned below, as specified in this Disclaimer. The Website owners are able to modify this Disclaimer at any moment and, in case the chan0ges are significant, notify the Users of the Website about the changes. The changes carried out by the Company come into force immediately after they have been made. Bu remaining on this Website after the changes are completed, you agree with the rules and give your consent. Website Users are recommended to see corresponding Webpages regularly to see the current version of Terms and Disclaimer.

2. Intellectual Property

All property rights, including copyrights, related to the results of intellectual activity conducted on the Website, as well as the Website Content, including (with no limitations) the texts, posts, images, sounds, music, and other similar content belong to the Website owners. Unless it is stated otherwise, Users have the right to read and watch, copy, and print Content only for their private use, provided that all copies and printouts include copyright and other Company’s property rights. If you publish the Content from this Website on another webpage, it is obligatory for you to incorporate a link to this Website on that webpage. The Owners of the Webpage might modify the Content at any time.

3. Disclaimer

Users have the access to this Website and can use its Content entirely on their own at their sole discretion and risk. Even though the Website Owners undertake reasonable measures to make sure that the Content is accurate and relevant, they are not responsible for any the actions of people and organizations directly or indirectly made receiving information that is published on this Website or obtained through it, both given by the Owners of the Website and third-party organizations. This Website and its Content are provided “as they are” and the Website Owners do not provide Users any warranties related to this Website, including, in particular, warranties related to the accuracy, relevance, reliability, availability, or compliance of the Website Content, as well as warranties related to the absence of errors occurring while using the Website or the absence of viruses or other malicious codes, and warranties that the Website and its Content do not violate the rights of the third parties. As much as it is possible in accordance with the current law, the Owners of the Website refuse to provide any guarantees, the provision of which may be implied otherwise.

4. Websites of the Third Parties

This Website may contain links to the websites of the third parties not related to the Content of this Website. This Website Owners share these links with you for your private convenience and do not take control over these websites. The Website Owners do not recommend, support, sponsor, or in any other way take responsibility for these websites, their content, and accessibility. This Website Owners are also not responsible for the violation of the intellectual property rights of any person using the websites of the other organizations, as well as Owners do not take responsibility for any factual information available on these websites.

5. Contact Information

Should you have any questions related to this disclaimer, it is possible for you to ask those questions by the following e-mail: info@deltaweightlifting.com.

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