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Features of training at home
10 exercises that will make you an athlete in 3 months at home

Classes at home require a high level of discipline and dedication, as not everyone can easily concentrate in an environment where there are many distractions around. In order not to be distracted by the smartphone, TV, refrigerator and household, you need to develop a training plan and follow it clearly. The temptation to cancel a workout may appear at a time when all the household is assembled. Therefore, it is recommended to train in complete solitude, and if this is not possible, then in a separate room behind a closed door.

Ideally, you should set aside at least one hour for each training session, but during this time, stretching and warm-up can be included. At the first stage of training, three hours a week is enough, but over time you will have to increase the time to four or even five hours. This is due to the fact that the body quickly adapts to regular physical activity, and you will stop progressing in classes.
The advantage of home training is that it does not require equipment and you can practice at any time and in any place. But training at home has one major drawback, which is that you will reach the ceiling of possibilities too quickly and will not be able to move on without additional weights and equipment.
Therefore, in the future, it is recommended to get a horizontal bar, for example, a compact one that can be fixed at home in the door frame. Also, you can not do without a pair of collapsible dumbbells with discs of different weights, an expander, TRX loops and leg weights.

Before you start training at home, you need to schedule a training plan for the week, as well as allocate a specific time for training. It is ideal to train according to the program at home in the morning or in the evening, but not immediately before going to bed, otherwise it will be difficult to fall asleep.
You can practice barefoot or in sports shoes. From clothing, it is best to prefer shorts and a cotton T-shirt. You will also need a stopwatch on your smartphone and a bottle of water.

Advanced athletes can organize a sandbag from an old sports bag. To do this, you need to sew 2-3 dozen kg of sand into a dense canvas bag and put the bag in the bag. So you will get a device with which you can do deadlift without inventory.

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