About Us

My name is Don Ricci and I have been a professional personal fitness trainer for years now. Not only do I live a healthy lifestyle, but I also dedicate my life to sport, fitness, bodybuilding, weight- and powerlifting training, and many other things. Apart from that, some time ago I decided to start my own fitness blog where people attending my webpage will be able to find significant and inspirational information, posts and advice on fitness and sport. 

Do you love sport and a healthy lifestyle as much as I do? If the answer is yes, I am extremely happy to tell you that we are on the same page. But if you are doubtful or having a negative answer stuck in your head… Well, I do believe that after spending a little bit of your free time here on this website you will change your mind, change your behavior and life traits and, eventually, even change yourself for the better. I can promise that you will become the best version of yourself.

You might think that for me the way to this life was simple and fast. I have to admit that it was not that simple at all. Like many of the people living in the modern world, I had some bad habits, which were all having a negative impact on my whole body, slowly changing it for the worst. Poor eating habits, lack of physical activity, stressful events happening here and there all the time – all these could not go unnoticed.  Add to these stressful life events and you will face plenty of troubles with health, both physical and emotional. The sad truth is that this portrait – of a person with poor eating habits and days full of stress and emotional struggles – is a portrait of an average adult. The longer we remain involved in this lifestyle, the more we get trapped in all these problems and the more difficult it becomes for us to escape…

Needless to say, at the age of 25, I’ve already had a bunch of health problems: overweight, stomach diseases, which were inconvenient and even caused pain. One day I decided that I no longer want to live like that. What is the sense of wasting your life when you can complete so many amazing things instead?

I managed to escape that destructive lifestyle; I would not say that my way was simple, not at all. Back in time I did not have any coach that would be helping and guiding me, so I worked on literally building myself – my self-confidence, my body, my health – from scratch all by myself. This long process took years but now I am sure that I have learned enough to share my knowledge with those people who are indifferent to their health and physical appearance. So, I can divide this process into three steps:

  1. Healthy lifestyle. At first, I had almost no idea about what a healthy lifestyle is. I started by reading articles and blogs of other related to this sphere people, watching numerous educational films. Once I had a clue on the basic principles, I noticed the slight changes in my eating habits, my sleeping schedule, and even physical activities. My sleeping cycles have improved, I was no longer feeling exhausted every morning. My friends were complimenting me, telling me how bright my eyes began shining. Videos and articles were not enough for me, so I started participating in paid webinars and courses, most of which gave me a solid understanding of what a healthy lifestyle is and how to implement its principles.

Do you know what the benefits of a heathy lifestyle are? Once introduced to this lifestyle, you will stop suffering from insomnia and will be getting solid 8 hours of tight sleep every night. The risk of diabetes or heart diseases will decrease. You will be likely to live a longer life and the clarity of your mind will be developing every day. What is probably even more important, a healthy lifestyle will boost your self-confidence and you will feel in control of your own life. Apart from that, you will reduce stress. Isn’t it worth working hard and changing your life in small steps?

  1. Fitness. Even though a healthy lifestyle includes sport and physical activities, not many professional coaches mention it. I began by going to the local gym; however, without understanding the fitness techniques and specific training, without having clearly stated goals fitness may become a waste of time that will not improve your body composition and health. I realized it fast enough to find help in the local fitness society and began developing my own fitness program that included the goals that I considered important at that moment.

Initially, I wanted to get rid of body fat and improve the shape of my body, so I decided that weightlifting can be the perfect solution for me. For over 10 years I have been into weightlifting, and I will never stop recommending it to people who are having similar goals: burning body fat and increasing the metabolism rate.  After being into fitness and weightlifting for years, I have not only improved my own body but also began consulting other people. Of course, it is always important to ask for medical help in cases when you are not sure whether some harsh sports activities suit you and whether they are safe for you, but when the health condition allows, I am always willing to guide people and share my experience and knowledge.

Therefore, having it said, the final step is:

  1. Blog. This blog is a perfect place for me to express myself and share tips with all of you – with people who are not indifferent to their health, body, and life in general. In this blog, I regularly provide you with advice on the best practices of exercising, thorough reviews of nutritional supplements, coaching techniques, and many more. In case you have any questions, I am always willing to answer them and provide you with advice on the best root for you to achieve your goals.

There are thousands of people who want to change their lives for the better – but how many manage to do it? You may go on multiple diets, try “magic pills”, work out – and find out all these are useless. A coach is a person who will not build your life for you – but a coach will be the one who will guide you through and eventually you will become the best version of yourself.