Whether you’re looking to learn, train, prepare for a competitive exercising competition or just want to improve your quality of life, we offer training programs and high level coaching for all of our athletes in a group setting with various training times to fit your schedule. To view schedule and membership options, click Weightlifting Training.

Basics Training Camp

If you’re looking to learn or refresh your snatch and clean & jerk, we offer a 6-week (2x per week) training camp that was created to teach the fundamentals of the lifts.  To view schedule and to sign up, click Basics Training Camp.


Many youth athletes want to be a high level performer, but few really know what it takes.  We can help athletes develop better power, strength, speed and durability for their particular sport with our expertise in weightlifting and barbell training.  We also provide insight on what it means to be a champion and high level athlete, because we were!

We offer personalized instruction, coaching, and programming for middle school and high school athletes and teams to maximize long term athlete development and injury prevention.  To view schedule and sign up, click Youth Athletic Performance.


Can’t seem to get into train with us? We provide remote programming and video analysis for individuals who aren’t able to be with us in the gym.  You can sign up for a custom program, or follow the training that members in our gym are doing via a state-of-the-art web platform.

The system we use also provides an interactive way to track your data, chart your progress, and compare yourself with others doing the same program.

To sign up, click Online Memberships.


This opportunity is reserved for those athletes who are looking to compete in the sport of weightlifting as their primary sport with the intention of competing for national and international medals.

The team, which is comprised of male and female athletes ages 11 and up train anywhere from 3 to 5 days depending on age and ability. Only once the athlete has shown efficient technique will they be able to compete locally. As technique and strength improves, the athlete will have opportunities to qualify for national and eventually international competitions. For more information on how to join the competition team, please email


Members sign up for a set frequency and start time. While training blocks start every hour, member’s training is largely not confined to an hour in length. To view schedule, click Schedule.