New Training Cycles at DELTA Weightlifting!

I want to pull the curtain back a bit for you all to give you more insight into what we’re doing with our training and with our athletes here at DELTA Weightlifting. At the start of each new training block, my hope is to provide more context to what you may be seeing on social media.

If you’re training on your own (a globo or garage gym type setting), I’m an open book, so please feel free to reach out to me with any training related questions at The easiest thing to do, however, would be to up on one of our online training programs or teams and experience what we’re doing first hand!

Keep training hard, and compete for excellence daily!


For those of you that have been following us, our high performance athletes have been in the midst of an intense, but needed General Physical Preparation (GPP) Phase. As we finish this part of training, it’s time to build on the momentum we’ve created during this phase of our training.

As we transition away from GPP, training will start to become more and more specific. Will will now look to develop SPECIFIC adaptations and training qualities.

The focus of training for the next 4 weeks for these athletes will be to improve their technical positions at the point of explosion (think power position), and developing and improving their Rate of Force Development (RFD). What is RFD?

RFD is simply a measure of how much force you can produce in the shortest amount of time possible. In weightlifting, the best way to develop and improve this training quality is through lifting from the blocks at the power position, or right at the point of explosion.

Concurrently in our strength work, we will be driving the adaptation of myofribillar hypertrophy, e.g. increasing the size of contractile muscle fibers.

Our athlete’s are going to not only increase the contractile muscle fibers in their strength work, but they’re going to USE, or learn to use, those bigger muscle fibers with the block work, which will increase their ability to produce more force and power! It’s time to unlock their athletic potential.

If you like what we do, need purpose and structure to your training, but can’t find a way to make it in to train with us in person. Train with us remotely on our Peak Platform Performance Team. Now is the perfect time to get started. Click here to sign up!


Meat Factory is a newer program we recently released that I’m really excited about. We are finishing up our first 6 week training block, called Building Beef with some of our members here in the gym, and I want to start offering this Team to the masses!

To give you an idea of what our team, Meat Factory, is all about, it’s simple: BUILD LEAN MUSCLE MASS and get STRONGER! DELTA Weightlifting is ultimately about performance, so the muscle you’ll gain through Meat Factory is not just about show….they are about GO! You can always tell the difference between those that train and build muscle to look good, and those that train and build muscle for strength and performance. We prefer the latter.

July 1st is not just the start of a new month for Meat Factory, but it’s the start of a new training cycle! If you’re new to us, great – you couldn’t have jumped in at a better time!

I’m calling this next training cycle “Meat Sweats.” It’s 6 weeks in length, and since we’ll be hitting it hard during the dead of summer, you will sweat…a lot! We will be hitting higher intensities, i.e. heavier weights, this cycle compared to last. To get our volume in, however, I will be including a number of “drop sets” that will be based off of a percentage of your rep max for that day. I want the focus of these drop sets to be about SPEED. How fast can you move the barbell?? I want you to move the barbell in these drop sets with insane amounts of speed!

If you’re looking for structure and purpose in a general strength program, Meat Factory is for you! Sign up here to get started with our new training cycle today!

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