The Long & Lonely Road

Everyone wants to be great. Everyone wants to be champion.

But beware: the road to greatness is long and lonely, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

It’s best described as a marathon race or climbing Everest. At the starting line of a marathon, its PACKED and overcrowded with people. As the race progresses, the front of the pack starts to thin out, and thin out, and thin out to the point where there is almost no one, outside of one or two others that are even within screen shot of the winner at the finish line.

For the Everest example, thousands of people each year want to attempt the climb and “be at the top of the world.” But, as each step of the process progresses, from training, to traveling, from checkpoint camp to checkpoint camp, the herd thins. Even if you make it to final base camp, the chance that you actually summit isn’t guaranteed!

Very few realize what is required to be great; even fewer can keep up with that pace. When things get challenging and discomfort starts to creep in, people start to slow down or they bow out and step off the road completely.

The long and lonely road isn’t for everyone. It can be a difficult, painful, and isolating experience; but it can also be the most rewarding, unique and exhilarating experience you’ve ever put yourself through. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not for everyone. It takes a special type of person.

The road to greatness is long because it requires a staggering effort. Effort that will force you to sacrifice . . . a lot. It requires you to sacrifice your body, well-being and health, your finances, and your time with family and friends. Effort and sacrifice takes conscious commitment.

Because of this committed effort, the road to greatness will be lonely. Most people won’t be willing or able to continue down the road with you as the challenges and difficulties mount up. They won’t be able to relate with you and what you’re doing. They will distance themselves from you. They will question you. They will try to distract and pull you off the road with them.

Stay on the road. Be mindful of why you started your journey to begin with and keep barreling your way towards greatness and don’t stop until you’re at the peak of the summit. The road may be long and lonely, but it will be the best path you may ever step foot on.

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