DELTA Weightlifting’s Pathway to Success

I want to share with you what I call “DELTA Weightlifting’s Pathway to Success.”

In short, it memorializes and articulates on paper the beliefs, guidelines, and identity that is the foundational bedrock of the culture here at DELTA Weightlifting.

We promote and live a culture of Competing for Excellence Daily through Strength, Power, and Community.

My hope is that it will not only add more context to some of the things we do and how we go about doing them, but also inspire you towards growth and competing to be the best version of yourself, i.e. excellence.

While this information is being organized and structured in a way that is unique to DELTA Weightlifting, the general ideas and concepts are nothing new and are time tested throughout many different high performing teams and organizations and can clearly be applied to your daily lives OUTSIDE of the gym.

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