Coaches Tuck Radio – Episode 22: Caitlin Hogan

Consistency + Discipline = Success. On Episode 22 of Coaches Tuck Radio, Don is joined by Team USA athlete and American record holder, Caitlin Hogan. While most know Caitlin for her athletic success, Caitlin is also a coach, gym owner, and recently earned her masters degree in Kinesiology.

We touch on her record breaking performance at the World Championships, her mental approach when dealing with adversity on the platform, how she prioritizes her chaotic life as a high level athlete, coach, and gym owner, and finally her approach to accessory work for both herself and her members.

Strap in, listen, and enjoy the ride!

You can follow Caitlin and her gym, Gym No.4, on Instagram at @chogan25 and @gym_no.4 and @annextraining, and online at

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