Are You Willing to Do What is Necessary to Achieve Success?

The first few days and weeks of a new training cycle can be incredibly motivating as an athlete sets him/herself on a path towards a new goal. On one hand, the athlete has a restored passion and powerful new sense of direction. But what happens during the middle of a training cycle when he’s hitting the overreaching stage and feeling beat up, tired, and even possibly banged up?

Here’s a hard reality of success that doesn’t get enough attention: No matter how big your goals, the process will suck at various stages and make you question your drive and your “why.”

Understanding this reality and rising above these hurdles of adversity will demonstrate how willing you are to handle the tough patches and setbacks that inevitably arise.


Big time success requires sacrifice. Don’t buy into this myth that you can have your cake and eat it too. Anything worth achieving comes with a corresponding amount of sacrifice and even hardship.

Generally speaking the bigger the goals, the harder you will have to work, the more you will sacrifice, and the more uncomfortable the road will be. You must become comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable if you expect to achieve greatness in anything.

Whatever your goals are, from hitting PR’s at a local meet, to qualifying for the National Championships or even competing at the World Championship or Olympic level, are you putting yourself in the best position to succeed and maximize your potential? Unfortunately, the honest answer to that questions is no because most are not willing to sacrifice comfort.


Sacrifice doesn’t mean giving up something for nothing, even though some of the closest people in your lives that don’t truly “get it” think you are.

If anything, it is the OPPOSITE. You are giving up one thing (actually a lot of things) in order to gain something GREATER.

The hard part about sacrifice is giving up the short-term pleasure of something (staying out late with friends when you have a heavy training session the next day) for the long term pleasure of something else (qualifying for Nationals, winning a medal at Nationals or the American Open, competing at Pan Ams/World Championships/Olympics, or winning an medal at an international competition). Those that are willing to achieve greatness willingly accept this give and take.

Everybody wants to be a champion until they really wrap their arms around what it really requires. They can’t imagine themselves being comfortable with the sacrifices needed to lift to the outer reaches of their ability.

And you know what? That’s okay! In fact, it’s normal. Being successful and achieving your true potential on the platform is uncommon . It’s unconventional, and it requires going against the culturally accepted norms. But that’s what makes champions unique, rare, and special. Their ability to sacrifice what most aren’t willing to sacrifice.


Instead of listing the things you have to do to achieve your goals, write out the list of things that you are willing to endure, to suffer, and to sacrifice in order to attack your goals head on:

  • Will do what is necessary to properly gain, maintain, or lose weight depending on your situation?
  • Will you show up and train hard even when you feel tired and beat up?
  • Will you adjust your “life” schedule to accommodate your training schedule as a priority?
  • Will you spend extra time and in some cases money inside and outside of the gym to make sure you are recovering properly (stretching/mobility/massage/sports med/etc.) if it means recovering faster and performing better?
  • Will you pass on a night out with your friends or family because you have an important training session the next day?
  • Will you give up watching TV mid-week so that you can get your schoolwork done and get the sleep you need to recover?
  • Will you give up temporary comfort to gain permanent success?

It’s easy to say what we are willing to do to achieve our goals, but take it a step further and think about what you are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals. Consider the questions above, reflect on the answers, and ask yourself if you are truly prepared to do what is necessary to achieve greatness on the platform.


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