How to Build a Sustainable Training Template

Previously, I touched on the importance of creating a “Daily Map” to help provide structure and mental preparation road map of the weekly training. In order to do that, however, it helps to have a sustainable training template to guide you and or your athletes.

While training should be individualized to the specific needs of an athlete, a template provides you with a road map that can be easily interchangeable between athletes based on their individual needs and/or competition schedule.

This training template will allow you to account for specific athlete needs and training focuses and meso cycles.

When designing a training program during a prep phase, it’s important to have a one lift, or unidirectional, focus per day, i.e. one day is snatch related, another day is clean related, overhead related, etc. etc.

This is because a strong unidirectional daily training stimulus will not only create a strong endocrine response, but you have a more potent dose of training similar motor qualities, which is very important both in terms of learning for beginner and intermediate athletes and in terms of improving the efficiency of the CNS for more advanced athletes.

So here’s a breakdown of what a 6 day training program looks like for the DELTA Weightlifting Competitive Team:

Sustainable Training Template

Regardless if the meso cycle focus is blocks, hang, deficit, floor, this template provides a sustainable road map to plug and chug the meso cycle focus and desired training effect.

Whether you use this exact template, or make tweaks to better suit you or your athlete’s needs and training schedule, having a roadmap like this will put you and your athletes in a much better position to succeed in the future.


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