The Daily Map

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Structure provides stability, repeatable habits, and focus. Week in and week out, each day of training for our team has a consistent theme or focus. From this structure, we have outlined our “Daily Map” for the weeks training.

The idea behind creating this Daily Map is to provide our competitive athletes with a map of what the weekly and daily focus will be, and to empower our athletes to take ownership of their preparation and focus from day to day.

After first learning about the concept of the “Daily Map” from a book about the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team, I began to apply the map specifically to fit our structure of training with our competitive athletes.  Take a look at ours here: The Daily Map.

This “living document” helps to provide structure, organize fresh goals, and evaluate existing goals.  Through this reflection and preparation, our athletes learn new skills so they can push themselves harder and become more capable and achieve more.  Empowerment.

With a Daily Map, you can optimally prepare and put yourself in the best position to succeed OUTSIDE of the gym, so you can maximize what you are trying to accomplish INSIDE the gym.

If you are able to improve many small things outside of the gym by just 1%, that marginal improvement in your mind, body and soul will lead to exceptional improvement over time.

Strive for excellence and compete everyday.


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